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450 km

Manufacturer: Vermeer
Model: V8550A

US/Imperial Metric
Engine: Cummins 4BT3.9 — C090 90 HP (67 kw)
Height: 103.4" (262.6 cm) (with roll bar)
Length: 124" (315 cm)
Weight: 8,410 lbs (3815 kg)
Width: 80" (203 cm)

Additional Info:
Digging Depth: 0"-72" (0cm-183cm)
Digging Width: 6"-18" (15cm-46cm)
Ground Drive: Hydrostatic

Basic tractor w/ 38 x 14 – 20 tires
(unless otherwise specified)
Weight: 7058 lb (3202 kg)
Length: 124" (315 cm)
Width: 80" (203 cm); 86" (218 cm) w/
38 x 18 – 20 tires
Height (roll bar): 103.4" (262.6 cm)
Wheelbase: 76" (193 cm)
Ground clearance: 11.1" (28.2 cm)
Tire option: 38 x 18 – 20

Model: Cummins 4BT3.9 — C090
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Number of cylinders: 4
Displacement: 239 cu in (3.9 L)
Max. gross horsepower:
90 hp (67 kw) @ 2500 RPM
Max. gross torque: 261 ft-lb
(353 Nm) @ 1300 RPM
Net flywheel horsepower @
full-load RPM: 83 hp (62 kw)
@ 2500 RPM
Fuel tank capacity: 31 gal (117 L)
w/o cab; 39 gal (148 L) w/ cab
Coolant capacity: 16.5 qt (15.6 L)

Optional Cab
Isolation-mounted to frame
Monitoring system: Engine coolant
temperature, oil pressure, voltage,
cab-entrance-door-open, ground/
attachment drive neutral, parking brake
Highway and rear work lights: Standard
6-way backfill-blade joystick control:
Auto-center rear steer: Standard
Battery-disconnect switch: Standard
Tilt-steering column: Standard
Lumbar-support suspension seat:
Tinted glass: Standard
Heater/defroster: 40,000 BTU/hr
Air conditioning: 27,000 BTU/hr (optional)

Hydraulic System
Oil tank capacity: 27 gal (102 L)
Oil system capacity: 30 gal (114 L) w/o
cab; 33 gal (125 L) w/ cab
Oil cooler: Radiator-type

Conventional front two-wheel;
rear steer standard
Axle oscillation: 16° left to right
Turning radius:
Front steer only: 16.5' (5.0 m);
front and rear steer: 10.3' (3.1 m)

Features & Benefits
Feature: Planetary Axles with Differential Locks
Benefit: Provides increased traction and pull while reducing turf damage, axle stress and tire wear.

Feature: Swivel Operator Console
Benefit: Controls rotate with operator to provide better visibility of the rear attachment.

Feature: Smallest Turning Radius in Its Class
Benefit: Allows greater manueverability in confined spaces and requires less time spent centering rear axle.

Feature: Optional Hydraulic Auger Adjustment on Trencher
Benefit: The operator can trench with augers out of spoil which increases productivity.

Feature: Backhoe Remote Controls
Benefit: The operator is able to reposition machine without leaving the backhoe operator station.

Feature: 31 Gallon Fuel Tank - Largest in Class
Benefit: The V8550A can operate for seven hours without needing to refuel.

Feature: Hot Oil Shuttles
Benefit: Helps to maintain machine performance and increases life of hydrostatic components
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