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02-03-2017 à 17:16

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Heavy Clouds

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Dear Sirs and Madams, We are looking for a well-rounded individual with excellent writing skills, strong command of American English and grammar, deep skills as an editor and an innate ability to generate compelling story ideas; high productivity to meet short turnaround schedules, strong familiarity with digital marketing vehicles, including social media, industry experience and talent demonstrated by demo reel and portfolio, excellent, well rounded storytelling skills and the ability to express a story with footage, understanding of graphics components and ability to integrate with footage, a strong work ethic, and relentless commitment to quality and efficiency, self-motivated with the ability to work independently and collaboratively on multiple projects simultaneously, ability to work effectively in a distractive, fast paced, and diverse environment, ability to prioritize projects and meet deadlines… please send us an article talking about austerity in Algeria, your article must be unique (not a copy/paste) your text should not include quotations from books or from search engines, also we don't accepte translated articles. Good luck :)
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Alger Mohammadia

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