Pupitre de Conférence Sonorisé AM6236B


26-10-2020 à 16:26

Instruments de Musique


Etat neuf

Pupitre de conférence sonorisé AUDIO MIX AM6236B
This series Lectern is an attractive public address podium that features an all-in-one design. It built-in 60W amplifier, 60W column speaker with one tweeter and three woofers. A flexible gooseneck microphone and lamp are provided as well. A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand its capacity. Available in white or black finish, wooden top and steel bottom, steel body; goose neck MIC length: 47cm; Lamp length: 45cm

* One gooseneck MIC and one lamp.
* 60W rated power output.
* 1 aux input, 2 MIC inputs, 1 line output and 1 REC output.

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