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Plastic pellet extruding production Line

Plastic pellet extruding production Line is a special-purpose equipment which is used to recycle the leftover
materials after plastics processing and used waste plastics from all walks of life and then pelletize. It is mainly
made of Extruder and Automatic Feeding Pellet-Cutting Machine. The extruder composed of framework, electric
equipment, reduction gear, machine barrel, screw, supporting rack and die head is mainly used for recycling the
waste plastics of plastic product. SL-100/150 automatic feeding pellet-cutting machine is used to
cool the strip-type.
plastic matters that are extruded by pelletizing extruder, fix their shape, carry with constant speed it into
high-speed rotation cutter room by draught pressing roller and cut them into plastic pellet.
Advantage:It has the functions of removing air, water and residue. It can extrude and pelletizing directly for waste
agricultural film, waste weaved bag, leftover material of plastics and various heating-molding plastics in moisture
(water content is not over 10) and no moisture condition after cleaning. And the pellets are dense,thick and no air
bores.(Note: if you want to get PE,PP,PVC pellets,the set also needs auxiliary machine) what is more, the extruder
can also be an ideal auxiliary machine for the production line of producing the film, pipe, hollow plastic
finished-goods.OEM service:We supply OEM service if you want to custom equipment or main parts.
Notice:As for parameter, we can make a suitable change according to actual needs for design. If dates on the
website don’t correspond to actual product, you should refer to actual product.
Final-finished production process:
Plastic Crushing and washing machine →Plastic pellet making machine →Heating ring and temperature control
cabinet → Water tank (for cooling plastic) → Plastic cutting machine
The whole process is as follows:

The details of the production line:
1.Plastic Crushing and washing machine

The machine can crush the waste plastic into small
piece besides wash them and them put them into the
plastic granule making machine.
The main technical parameters:
Main axle rotary speed:695r/min

2.Plastic pellet making machine

The machine can press and pull the plastic material
into strip with the high temperature ,and the plastic
strip can be cut into pellet by the cutting machine in
next step.
The main technical parameters:
Screw diameter:125mm
Main shaft speed:50~70r/min

3.Heating ring and temperature control cabinet for plastic pellet making machine :

I.The heating ring and temperature control cabinet is
used in the second step.
II.The heating ring will product large quantity heat so
that it can press the plastic into strip.
III.The temperature control cabinet control the
temperature of the plastic pellet machine and also
make people easy operate the machine
4.Water tank (for cooling plastic)

The water tank is used to cool the plastic pellet and
send the pellet to next step-plastic cutting machine

5.Plastic cutting machine

Model SL-25
This machine is used to cut the plastic strip into small
pieces and the size of pellet can be adjusted as your


6.pellet packing machine
Dimension 2000*800*2500mmModel SL-25
Packing weight 10-25kg/bag
Capacity 3-4 bags/minute
Power 2.2kw

The main technical parameters                                                                            
Packing weight 10-25kg/bag
Capacity 3-4 bags/minute